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Four reasons why the Government needs to keep spending money on science

Cancer Research UK is the world’s largest independent cancer charity dedicated to saving lives through research. Last year we spent £434 million on research in institutes, hospitals and universities across the UK, supporting research into all aspects of cancer through the work of over 4,000 scientists, doctors and nurses.

Our pioneering work has been at the heart of the progress that has already seen survival rates in the UK double in the last forty years. Read More »

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Science is under threat again and we need your help!

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‘Science Lives Here’ says the Royal Institution

‘Science Lives Here’ is the motto that sits under ‘Royal Institution’ in our logo. We changed it a few years ago to reflect that for over 200 years the Royal Institution has been at the forefront of public discussion about science.

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Maintaining the UK as a scientific superpower

As the Government’s comprehensive spending review approaches, BIA members have joined together to voice the need for stable, long-term public spending on science and innovation in the UK. The pace of development in science and research is rapid and government investment in the sector is vital if the UK is to maintain its globally competitive edge. Read More »

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A message from the front-line of R&D

2,079 members responded to the union’s survey in June: A highly qualified and age diverse group, including 27% women.  Just over a third of responses came from the civil service, with a similar number from the private sector and the remainder from members in a range of other organisations including charities, research institutes, public-private partnerships and universities. Read More »

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It’s the Treasury’s season, but its dominance may not last forever

Perhaps Lord Bob Kerslake’s critical examination of the Treasury will lead to that department losing its power and preponderance – and making spending reviews like the exercise being conducted this autumn things of the past. Read More »

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Continuing to champion UK universities

London is the most popular city in the world for international students. We currently play host to 40,000 from continental Europe and 67,000 from the rest of the world. They enrich the city and country by sharing their cultures and becoming friends of Britain in ways that boost our diplomatic and trade links in future years. Read More »

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If science fights alone, it might be a losing battle

You have to talk in fiscal terms about the economic growth that science brings, and there’s plenty of evidence to back that up. It’s to make the case for investing in science, rather than in listening to the public, or thinking creatively and emotionally about what science can give us. It’s about marketing the product, rather than understanding how it was created. Read More »

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Innovation – the power of three

Seen from the ground, growth in sales and profits, rewarding careers opportunities, exploitation and dissemination of new technologies are just some of the obvious consequence of companies’ innovation efforts. And in their own words, manufacturers who participated in some recent EEF research told us why innovation matters to them…

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Science for Science’s sake

The upcoming spending review has meant that we have all had to re-examine our assumptions on this score. Ordinarily, I am a strong believer in science for science’s sake but, in really debating whether the science budget should be protected, it has become clear that there are many other reasons for doing so.

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Labour appoints new Shadow Science Minister

Yvonne Fovargue MP has been appointed as the new Labour Shadow Science Minister.

Ms Fovrague replaces the former Shadow Universities and Science Minister, Liam Byrne MP, with the universities brief now being split and given over to Gordon Marsden MP. Under Jeremy Corbyn’s first reshuffle last month, Ms Fovargue was appointed as Shadow Consumer Rights Minister, and we understand she will retain that brief alongside science.

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New Policy Officer joins CaSE

I am really excited to join CaSE and the EPC to work on this project. There is growing conversation around the potential impacts of the UK leaving the EU. For example, Universities UK have initiated a campaign, Universities for Europe, and the House of Lords Science and Technology Committee have launched an inquiry into the relationship between EU membership and UK science. It will be really interesting to help inform this debate by examining the data available on the impacts that EU funding has on the UK research community. Read More »

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CaSE calls for immigration policies to support science and engineering

Today we have responded to the Migration Advisory Committee’s review of the Tier 2 visa system highlighting the need for immigration policies that support the science and engineering community.

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Recent Round-Up

CaSE has published its September 2015 e-bulletin, giving a summary of all CaSE’s activities and news over the last month. These include:

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CaSE’s submission to the 2015 Spending Review

HMTCaSE has today released its submission to the 2015 Spending Review, due to published by the Government in November.

To deliver on its commitment of repairing Britain’s finances and move to a higher-wage, more productive economy, CaSE has called on the Government to nurture its means: science and innovation. Read More »

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Tackling misconceptions of British science policy

Everyone agrees that the UK should both invest more in research and in inspiring the scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians of the future – otherwise it risks a skills shortage that will undermine our ability to compete.

But the sad reality is that the whole of Government-sponsored science is less than the sum of its parts. Read More »

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Life science organisations call on Government to invest in basic research

Almost 200 life sciences organisations – from funders to pharmaceuticals companies – have written to the Financial Times to ask the UK government to protect its investment in science in the forthcoming Spending Review. Read More »

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BP’s Ultimate STEM Challenge to inspire the scientists and engineers of the future

For the second consecutive year, BP has announced the launch of its competition – the Ultimate STEM Challenge – in partnership with STEMNET and the Science Museum. The competition is open to young people aged between 11 to 14 and will challenge them to put their Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) skills to the test by tackling some real-world challenges. Read More »

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More needs to be done to promote STEM apprenticeships

CaSE analysis has revealed that STEM apprenticeships have become less popular since 2011 and too few young people are choosing the vocational route into a STEM career as an alternative to higher education. STEM apprenticeships make up just under 15% of all apprenticeships, but the vast majority are in lower level engineering courses and barely any are in science and maths.

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CaSE Annual Review 14-15 published

CaSE has published its Annual Review for 2014-15. It gives a summary of CaSE’s activities over the year, including meetings with ministers, policy consultations, and campaign achievements. Highlights during the year include: Read More »

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