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Here you will find a list of all the appearances CaSE has made in print, broadcast and electronic media in recent months. An archive of all appearances since 2004 is available via the links at the bottom.


Times Higher Education (12/12):  Scientists warn against Ofqual’s ‘dangerous’ plans for practicals

Research Fortnight (10/12): Autumn statement stirs science budget fears

The Times (08/12): Army of new teachers to raise standards in maths and science

Chemistry World (04/12): Cash for science in autumn statement given cautious welcome

Research Fortnight (04/12): Science strategy is a no-show

BBC News (03/12): Osborne – UK lead role in Mars mission

E&T (3/12):  The Autumn Statement: industry highlights

Hartlepool Mail (03/12): £20m Ageing Science Hub for city


Science and Technology Select Committee Video (26/11): Practical science

The Observer (16/11): It would be folly for the EU to turn its back on science

Sky News (15/11): Comet Mission

Russia Today (14/11): EU President quietly scraps role of his top scientific advisor

The Times (14/11): Scientific edge

Times Higher Education (14/11): European Commission scraps chief scientific adviser post

BBC News (13/11): Is comet landing mission worth the cost?

Research Fortnight (12/11):  Walport’s power grows as BIS officials depart

Times Higher Education (04/11): Fears for higher education sector as key BIS role splits in two

Ed Exec (04/11): Independents spend up to 100 times more on practical lessons


Times Higher Education (30/10): A black hole of funding for state school science

Royal Society of Chemistry (16/10): Science roadmap for next parliament unveiled

The Guardian (15/10): UK science, look at the state we’re in

BBC News (15/10): UK science ‘losing ground’ to rival nations

Research Fortnight (15/10): Scientists set out election demands

Times Higher Education (15/10): Force schools to publish number of girls taking sciences, report says

Research Fortnight (02/10): Clark snubs science at Conservative party conference

Research Fortnight (01/10): Scotland’s academics regroup on feared cuts


Alliance for Useful Evidence (16/09): Zombie facts and the use of evidence in the 2015 General Election

New Scientist (15/09): Two views of the future of science in Scotland

Newsweek (13/09): The maths behind the Simpsons women


Research Fortnight (22/08) Science Campaign says Lib Dems’ promised ring fence not enough

Metro (15/08) ‘Cox Effect’ drives rise in science and maths

The Times (15/08): Maths is first choice as pupils return to traditional subjects

Research Fortnight (15/08) Latvia convinces students to return home

Research Fortnight (14/08): Science campaign says Lib Dems’ promised ring fence not enough

The Biochemist (04/08) A short history of science funding – why was CaSE created and why is it still here?

Research Fortnight (01/08) Clark urged to get up to speed on scientific priorities 


Research Fortnight (30/07): Government piles pressure on universities over student visas

Times Higher Education (24/07): Science portfolio split would be ‘bonkers’

Research Fortnight (23/07): National capital projects must not be at expense of local investment, BIS told 

Chemistry World (21/07): Spending on UK science and engineering continues to fall

Research Fortnight (15/07): Cameron splits science between two ministers

Science Now (15/07): David Willetts replaced as U.K. science minister

House of Commons (02/07): Adjournment debate on disabled students allowance


House of Lords (10/06): Lord’s debate on the Queen’s Speech – Baroness Sharp of Guildford


The Guardian (23/05): Scottish independence would damage research funding, warn medical experts

BBC News (23/05): Scottish independence: Research fund concerns over ‘Yes’ vote

Times Higher Education (22/05): Research funding on the rise

Research Fortnight (14/05): Where is Sally?

Research Fortnight (14/05): No need to make Athena Swan mandatory, says experts

House of Lords debate (13/05): Lords Science and Technology Committee report on scientific infrastructure

Chemistry World (13/05): Pledge to create 2000 new STEM posts

Research Fortnight (08/05): Government backs RCUK to ‘lead cultural change’ on diversity

Nature (07/05): Women and minorities still face uphill struggle in UK science

The Times (07/05): Aim for engineering or science, career girls told

Science is Vital (07/05): Science really is vital

Times Higher Education (07/05): Grant panels ‘should have equality training’, says report

Chemistry World (06/05): Public money for science pays off


NCUB (30/04): NCUB welcomes CaSE report into university research and warns economic benefits need to be kept in UK

Times Higher Education (30/04): Science investment by state ‘can increase private spending’

BBC News (29/04): AstraZeneca shares soar after Pfizer confirms bid talks

The Independent (29/04): Political row looms as Pfizer goes public with £62bn AstraZeneca deal

Research Fortnight (28/04): AstraZeneca take-over threat for UK drug research

The Guardian (28/04): Pfizer AstraZeneca takeover attempt prompts job warning from Vince Cable

The Guardian (28/04): If Pfizer’s AstraZeneca takeover succeeds, bad news for UK research

Reuters (28/04): Pfizer’s move on Astra fuels fears for British science

The Guardian (28/04): Warning over ‘privatisation’ of environmental science research body

Times Higher Education (24/04): Global STEM students

The Guardian (11/04): Scientists, unions and greens unite in concern over Kew Gardens cuts

The Independent (10/04): More focus on British history and foreign languages: Massive changes to GCSEs and A-levels announced

The Guardian (09/04): Science community dismayed at decision to axe lab work from A-levels

Research Fortnight (09/04): Home Office cuts scientist visas to make way for Tech City entrepreneurs

BBC News (09/04): ‘Tougher’ GCSEs and A-Levels revealed

Research Fortnight (01/04): Willetts announces 11th ‘great technology’


The Engineer (12/03): The time for review is over: this must be the year of action

Research Fortnight (12/03): Research will only become more diverse if more people listen to the research on diversity

BBC News (11/03): UK joins ‘super-microscope’ project

Chemistry World (07/03): The value of trust

February (11/02): Africa: ‘Visa Labyrinth’ Blamed for Stifling Global Science (05/02): DfID’s R&D budget took a dip, but is on the rebound

Nature (04/02): UK visa problems worry scientists

January (29/01): Has DFID done enough to embed science in its work?

Research Fortnight (23/01): £856m cut to R&D leaves Osborne accused of mixed messages

Financial Times (22/01): R&D suffers biggest cuts in government spending


The Times (21/12): Teaching science

International Business Times (16/12): Sexism In Science? UK Study Finds Women Scientists Get Fewer Grants, Less Funding Than Male Counterparts

The Mary Sue (15/12): Female Scientists Receive Less Funding Than Their Male Counterparts. You Don’t Say?

The Independent (09/12): Women scientists less likely to receive funding, study finds

BBC News (05/12): Autumn Statement: Chancellor funds research with China and India


Research Fortnight (27/11): Research council grants at risk as plans for BIS cuts emerge

The Guardian (22/11): Poor students face £350m cut in grants

BBC News (21/11):  Ministers fund science ‘pet projects’, says expert

Times Higher Education Supplement (07/11): Byrne fired up over ring-fencing

Chemistry World (05/11): Discussing the future of science

The Engineer (01/11): Politician have gone soft on science and technology


Research Fortnight (31/10): Byrne slams ‘announcement-based’ science funding

Times Higher Education (31/10): Byrne tackles Willetts over science capital on debut

The Independent (27/10): Social science graduates ‘more likely to get a job’ than science of arts students

British Humanist Association (10/10): BHA expresses alarm as two state schools challenge teaching of evolution

Times Higher Education (10/10): STEM growth, SWAN song


The Guardian (24/09): Learning to value apprenticeships

Times Higher Education (19/09): Scientists feel pinch despite R&D plenty

The Guardian (02/09): Melody Clark: ‘my ambition was always to be a scientist, not a civil servant


Opportunity Now (29/08): Gender-Balance in the Boardroom

Research Fortnight (06/08): CaSE assistant director moves to Labour’s science-policy team


Research Fortnight (17/07): Public research spending helps industry to invest, says BIS report

Times Higher Education (11/07): Critical mass

The Guardian (05/07): How can we enhance the visibility of women in UK science? – live chat

The Guardian (04/07): Creationism in UK education – why the fight must go on

The Guardian (02/07): Guardian roundtable: The art of science teaching


The Guardian (26/06): The Spending Review 2013: what will it mean for science and innovation?

The Daily Telegraph (26/06): Spending Review 2013 – As it happened

Nature (26/06): UK science budget stays frozen

Times Higher Education (26/06): Welcome for capital increase but fears over frozen research spending

Times Higher Education (26/06): Nick Dusic, Obituary

Times Higher Education (18/06): Research ‘already harmed’ by funding freeze

BBC News (05/06): Science spend ‘vital for economy’


Research Fortnight (15/05): Science back on agenda at Foreign Office

Research Fortnight (01/05): Director wants CaSE to be ‘critical friend’ of government


Times Higher Education (24/04): Jeremy Farrar to be next Wellcome Trust director


CBI axes innovation post (27/03): CBI axes innovation post

Engineering and Technology Magazine (21/03): Budget lacks support for research and renewables

The Independent (20/03): Budget 2013: Research – Scientists upset by cash snub

Nature (20/03): UK budget leaves science funding falling slowly

The Guardian (20/03): Budget 2013: what does it mean for science and innovation?

Chemistry World (20/03): UK’s research shortfall reduced

Chemistry World (14/03): MPs call for a bridge over ‘valley of death’


Chemistry World (26/02): UK top scientist immigration policy under fire

The Daily Telegraph (04/02): Immigration changes threaten hospitals and schools, scientists warn


The Independent (31/01): Scientists despair as homeopathy Tory MP, David Tredinnick, gets key post

Times Higher Education (31/01): Outside the ring-fence, beyond Haldane, the big bucks should stop with the state

Times Higher Education (30/01): Plan to remove jobs from shortage list ‘could harm UK science’

Chemistry World (28/01): Plan for UK’s ‘eight great technologies’ outlined

The Engineer (24/01): Government allocates £350m funding for UK science training

New Scientist (09/01): The state of pay

Times Higher Education (03/01): Engine of discovery seeks new driver

Lab News (January 2013)


Times Higher Education (13/12): Science ring-fence may be trampled as the Treasury hunts for savings

The Engineer (06/12): Osborne’s Autumn Statement pleases academia and industry

Chemistry World (06/12): Autumn statement science boost to offset cuts

The Guardian (05/12): George Osborne pledges extra £600m for science to stimulate growth

Nature (05/12): UK announces £600 million for science – almost redeeming past cuts

Financial Times (05/12): Scientific research wins fresh funding

Cambridge Network (05/12): £600m investment in science will drive growth

Lab News (December 2012)

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