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Here you will find a list of all the appearances CaSE has made in print, broadcast and electronic media in recent months. An archive of all appearances since 2004 is available via the links at the bottom.



The Telegraph (27/04): British scientists have spoken, and they want to stay in the EU 

Research Fortnight (27/04):  Lobbying exemption is a relief, but how did it come to this? 

Chemistry World (25/04): UK science reaps rewards within EU

BBC Radio Wales (24/04): #Wales2016 The Welsh Science Wishlist

E&T Magazine (19/04): Politics; Brexit

Research Fortnight (19/04): Research to be exempt from gagging clause

Buzzfeed (19/04): Government Exempts Scientists From Controversial Gagging Clause

Nature (19/04): UK government pulls back from rule ‘gagging’ researchers

Times Higher Education (19/04): Anti-lobbying clause: ‘no intention’ to apply it to academics

The Guardian (19/04): Ministers back down on rule ‘gagging’ scientists

The Independent (19/04): Government forced to back down on plan to gag academics and scientists

Quartz (18/04): Scientists in the UK are about to lose their chance to speak out against the government

The Observor (17/04): Britain’s scientists must not be gagged 

Engineering and Technology Magazine (11/04): Brexit: science, engineering and technology says no

ITN News (08/04): Remain or Leave? What could it mean for scientific research?

Nature (07/04): Disability awareness: The fight for accessibility


Buzzfeed (25/03): Government Warned It Could Be About To Silence Scientists

The Financial Times (23/03): Gagging scientists will serve no good at all

The Daily Telegraph (11/03): Letters – Universities would face an immediate disadvantage if Britain left the European Union

Huffington Post (11/03): Why Leaving the EU Would Be Bad for British Science

Buzzfeed (10/03): “Political Opportunism, Not Scientific Merit” Drives British Science Investment

Business Insider (10/03): Biggest public policy issue for UK tech startups

House of Commons Science and Technology Committee (07/03): Letter to the Chancellor – The Budget and the ‘science budget’

UnDark (03/03): UK Scientists Chafe at Anti-Lobbying Rule

Chemistry World (02/03): Concerns grow among scientists over new ‘anti-lobbying’ rules 


Financial Times (28/02): Scientists fear loss of funding if Britain leaves EU

BBC News (26/02): EU exit ‘risks British science’

UK Science Park Association (26/02): Investing in science

The Observer (20/02): Scientists attack their ‘muzzling’ by government 

The Mancunian (09/02): British science will be hindered by EU exit, says Universities and Science Minister

Attractions Management (01/02): Government announces £30m fund for science centres


Royal Society of Chemistry (28/01): Science minister announces new UK funding

Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (27/01): Making Britain the best place in the world for science

Institute of Chemical Engineers (26/01): Britain must welcome the world’s science and engineering talent

Laboratory News (21/01): Did George Osborne give science a happy New Year?

House of Commons (19/01/): Increasing diversity in STEM careers

The Observer (17/01): Scientific prizes don’t come without public money

The Times (13/01): Thirty years ago campaigners took out an advert in The Times, fearing a science “brain drain”. Little has changed

The Guardian (01/16): The EU vote isn’t just about Westminster – we need grassroots campaigns too


Science (12/04): U.K. research wins hollow victory


Research Fortnight (11/12): The Spending Review – How will UK science be affected?

The Engineer (26/11): Osborne backs ‘industrial strategy’ in spending review

City AM (26/11): Autumn Statement 2015: By protecting science, the chancellor has backed business

Chemistry World (25/11): Scientists relieved as UK is protected in real terms

Laboratory News (25/11): 2015 Spending Review

Times Higher Education (25/11): Nurse review: fears over greater political control of research

BBC News (25/11): ‘Good’ settlement for UK science may come with strings

Chemistry World (20/11): Nurse review backs shake-up at research councils

Financial Times (19/11): Leading scientist calls for new research body

Times Higher Education (19/11): Spending review: fears for student opportunity funding and research budget

Times Higher Education (19/11): Keeping calm and lobbying on

Times Higher Education (13/11): The girls taking physics who are proud to be different

New Scientist (11/11): Cutting science funding would damage UK economic security

Chemistry World (09/11): UK science’s ‘superpower’ status at risk

The Observer (06/11): Science budget cuts would be a disaster, MPs to tell George Osborne

Westminster Hall Debate (04/11): Treasury support for UK science 


The Guardian (27/10): The spending review is just the start of a battle for UK research

Research Fortnight (21/10): ‘Research Councils Together'; Chief execs float radical overhaul

BBC News (17/10): More women researchers needed ‘to deliver food security’

House of Commons Debate (14/10): Gender pay gap (asked by Ben Howlett MP)

Research Fortnight (13/10): Universities seek exemption from immigration levy


City AM (30/09): If the chancellor doesn’t prioritise science investment, the rest of the economy will suffer

Research Fortnight (25/09): Yvonne Fovargue named as shadow science minister

Times Higher Education (24/09): Why experiment with UK science funding?

International Innovation (23/09): The wheels of change

Times Higher Education (10/09): ‘Global reputation’ at risk if spending review hits higher education, warns UUK

The Financial Times (08/09): Science leaders appeal to Osborne to spare sector from cuts


The Independent (30/08): ‘Mad’ apprenticeship targets have consigned a generation to low-skill, low-paid duties

The Guardian (24/08): Why the secrecy, Mr Javid? Tell us more about the McKinsey review

Chemistry World (18/08): Storm clouds gather for UK science as government weighs cuts

IT Pro (14/08): A Level results day reveals slight rise in STEM subjects

The Guardian (13/08): Science and language subjects suffer decline as A-level choices shift

Times Educational Supplement (13/08): A-level results: A mixed picture for Stem subjects

Electronics Weekly (07/08): Why is Raspberry Pi so important to the UK?


Huffington Post (28/07): Mind the Skills Gap – Encouraging Diversity in STEM Industries

Research Fortnight (22/07): Whitehall R&D spending in sustained decline

Research Fortnight (22/07):  The pro-EU case must be about more than just funding

Research Fortnight (22/07): Base science funding on performance, not postcodes

Royal Society of Chemistry (21/07): Impact of immigration

City AM (17/07): Government spending on science rises for first time since 2009

BBC News (17/07): Science minister signals shift towards ‘one nation science

Yorkshire Post (13/07): Invest in research in Sheffield or industry suffers


Westminster Hall Debate (24/06): Science and Research

Research Fortnight (24/06): Research budget ring-fence not enough, government told

City AM (15/06): If we cap immigration, the UK will lose its status as a global hub for science and engineering

Research Fortnight (09/06): CaSE calls for real-terms increases in UK research budget 

Research Fortnight (04/06): BIS cuts science protected but universities in danger

London Live (02/06): Girls in STEM


Gazette Live (21/05): Tech leaders praise NETPark vision at global summit

The Engineer (18/05): Highlighting the importance of innovation

Research Fortnight (14/05): CaSE will ask Javid to fight science’s corner

Research Fortnight (12/05): Scientists will fight looming budget cuts

Research Fortnight (12/05): Johnson frère given science minister job 

Chemistry World (12/05): Tory election victory heralds new science minister for UK

New Scientist (12/05): UK’s Conservatives to fight climate change but shun wind power

Nature (12/05): UK researchers fret about influence of new science minister

BBC News (11/05): Jo Johnson is new science minister

Zee News (09/05): What British election results mean for science

Research Fortnight (08/05): CaSE welcomes STEMM MPs

Research Fortnight (08/05): Westminster loses voice of reason as Julian Huppert crashes out

Nature (08/05): What the UK election results mean for science

The Engineer (08/05): Business and industry react to the General Election results

Engineering and Technology Magazine (08/05): Tories’ win could be double-edged sword for science and engineering

The Engineer (06/05): A vote for engineering


Scientists for Labour (30/04): What did Labour ever do for Science?

Research Fortnight (29/04): Future Tense

Research Fortnight (29/04): Open letter to the Science Minister

The Engineer (27/04): Good news and bad on engineering jobs

Times Higher Education (27/04) : Labour and Tories not backing up ‘warm words’ on science

The Guardian (27/04): The Guardian view on Britain’s choice 2015: science policy

The Conversation (27/04): Who has a real vision for science in Britain’s general election? 

China Daily (24/04): China’s research is work in progress

The Sunday Times (23/04): The Schools Blog; School report

City AM (16/04): General Election 2015: Science is vital to our economy, but which parties are really supporting it?

The Guardian (13/04): Let’s help MPs understand the value of randomised controlled trials

The Conversation (13/04): State of the Nation: government protection of the science budget has come at a cost

The Observer (12/04): Science matters to voters, so why is it being ignored by our politicians

Research Fortnight (07/04): Government R&D spending in steady decline, says CaSE


Times Higher Education (27/03): Science policies laid out ahead of general election

Research Fortnight (27/03): EU uncertainty is a threat to UK science, says Miliband

BBC News (27/03): Science spending should be 1% of GDP, say Greens

E&T Magazine (27/03): Party leaders have their say on science and engineering

Science Insider (19/03): U.K. budget includes new money for innovation

Genome Web (19/03): Few Extra in Funding

Science (19/03): U.K. budget includes new money for innovation

The Engineer (18/03): Osborne unveils packages for science, industry and regions in Budget

Press Association (18/03): £1bn science cash ‘shortfall’

Nature (18/03): Structural biologist named president of UK Royal Society

Liberal Democrat Voice (15/03): Opinion: Opinion – A lack of leadership on public R&D spending

The Guardian (14/03): The UK needs to invest more in its scientists – especially the women

The Guardian (13/03): UK research funding slumps below 0.5% GDP – putting us last in the G8

Research Fortnight (11/03): Labour expected to keep science ring fence

Research Fortnight (11/03): Enter the Fact-Checkers

Research Fortnight (10/03): Clark: universities must look beyond science capital

Open Democracy (06/03: Women and science- time to cut Neurotrash

Laboratory Talk (04/03): Sayonara Science?


Times Higher Education (10/02): Stop competition between research and teaching for funds, say academies


Times Higher Education (22/01): UK can’t afford to fall behind

Times Higher Education (16/01): Clark criticises ‘dumbing down’ comments on diversity

Royal Society (15/01): 2015 Cross-party Science Ministers’ debate

Computer Weekly (15/01): Inspiring the next generation of Britain’s tech pioneers

The Engineer (14/01): It’s time for politicians to get real on engineering issues

The Times (12/01): It’s a litmus test: humans need to be hands-on

Royal Society of Chemistry (06/01): Addressing the STEM UK skills shortage

The Guardian (04/01): Sir James Dyson attacks Theresa May’s plan to expel foreign students

The Guardian (02/01): Crowdfunded science: harnessing the wisdom of the crowd, or selling out?


City AM (23/12): UK immigration: Campaigners say home secretary’s plan to send foreign students home will hinder scientific progress

Chemistry World (23/12): Home secretary’s student visa plan draws ire of science community

BBC News (22/12): Scientists attack Home Secretary’s student exit plan

The Guardian (21/12): Home secretary blows a hole in government’s new science and innovation strategy

Times Higher Education (18/12): Q&A with Graeme Reid

Chemistry World (18/12): UK science strategy leaves many questions unanswered

Research Fortnight (17/12): Open data could be rewarded in future REF, says science strategy

Science Now (17/12): Good grades for U.K. university research

Times Higher Education  (17/12): Science and Innovation Strategy launched by government

The Financial Times (17/12): UK ministers unveil science strategy with £6bn spending pledges

Times Higher Education (12/12):  Scientists warn against Ofqual’s ‘dangerous’ plans for practicals

Research Fortnight (10/12): Autumn statement stirs science budget fears

The Times (08/12): Army of new teachers to raise standards in maths and science

Chemistry World (04/12): Cash for science in autumn statement given cautious welcome

Research Fortnight (04/12): Science strategy is a no-show

BBC News (03/12): Osborne – UK lead role in Mars mission

E&T (3/12):  The Autumn Statement: industry highlights

Hartlepool Mail (03/12): £20m Ageing Science Hub for city


Science and Technology Select Committee Video (26/11): Practical science

The Observer (16/11): It would be folly for the EU to turn its back on science

Sky News (15/11): Comet Mission

Russia Today (14/11): EU President quietly scraps role of his top scientific advisor

The Times (14/11): Scientific edge

Times Higher Education (14/11): European Commission scraps chief scientific adviser post

BBC News (13/11): Is comet landing mission worth the cost?

Research Fortnight (12/11):  Walport’s power grows as BIS officials depart

Times Higher Education (04/11): Fears for higher education sector as key BIS role splits in two

Ed Exec (04/11): Independents spend up to 100 times more on practical lessons

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