Letters in the Media

23rd September 2010, Chair of the Lords Science & Technology Committee, Lord Krebs, has written to the Science Minister, warning that deep cuts in the UK science budget will harm the research base, universities and the economy

“In a world where talent is highly mobile, a widening of the funding differential, whether real or perceived, between the UK and our competitors will put at risk the ability of the UK to continue to recruit and retain the very best brains.”

9th September 2010, STEM straw man is a flimsy construct

Imran Khan,  was one of the signatories on a letter to the Times Higher Education criticising an earlier article that had questioned the link between the science, technology, engineering and mathematics skills and growth. The letter was also signed by the leaders of learned societies across the sector: the Society of Biology, the Royal Academy of Engineering, the Institute of Physics, and the Royal Society of Chemistry.

12th August 2010, CaSE Director Imran Khan’s letter to The Times, in response to a leading article published on 10th August in which the newspaper argued that businesses must do more to invest in research and development.

“Public investment has a multiplier effect on private investment. You argue that the principal aim of a modern industrial policy should be to increase investment in R&D; the first plank of that policy must be to safeguard public investment in science and engineering”

30th July 2010, Lord Mandelson letter to the Financial Times, ‘Minimising the damage from a reduction in science spending

“Every area of public expenditure benefits from periodically shining a torch at its use and administration. But the government should be mindful that in applying arbitrary reductions to science spending, it is not paring back the branches of public spending but cutting the roots of future growth.”

27th July 2010, Chair of the Science & Technology Committee, Andrew Miller MP’s, writes to the Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne MP

“As a committee we fully reconize the tough decisions are required in public spending. We urge the government the government to look beyond short term considerations and consider science and research as an investment in the country’s long-term economic future”

16th June 2010, Leaders of UK industry signed a letter to The Times newspaper, organised by CaSE, making the case for continued public support for science and engineering. The companies represented in the letter are Airbus, AstraZeneca, GSK, IBM, Lockheed Martin, Pfizer, and Syngenta.

“The UK has an opportunity to drive future economic growth through science and engineering. To do so, the Government needs a clear, strong and long-term strategy for making the UK the most attractive country for companies to conduct research and development. This includes investing in education and public sector research, so that highly skilled graduates and technicians in science, technology, engineering and mathematics are nurtured in the UK.”

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