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CaSE’s work spans a number of different topics, here you will find information on particular policy areas including policy reports, briefings and consultations.

STEM Education

Science and engineering lie at the heart of our economy, so ensuring Britain has a skilled STEM workforce is essential. We campaign for the highest quality and most effective teaching structures at all stages of education, from primary school to further and higher education, and are committed to the provision of outstanding STEM careers advice at all levels. We critique and respond to changes to the national provision of STEM education, examining new policies and their ramifications for the teaching and learning of STEM subjects.

Research and Funding

CaSE is advocates for safeguarding and expanding the financial support  for the UK’s science and engineering base. We report on Government spending announcements and analyse how such boosts or cuts could affect the  science and engineering community and our national research output. Ensuring adequate funding for science and engineering is a huge part of our work, and stimulates strong engagement with both Parliament and the media, as this section reveals.

Science in Government

We strive to keep science and engineering at the top of political agendas whether party-based, as in the case of political manifestoes and party conferences, or Government focused. We scrutinise party pledges, budget statements, leadership changes and ministerial appointments, assessing their impact on the position of science and engineering within such agendas. CaSE also campaigns to promote the role of scientific advice within Government and closely monitors any changes to such provision.


Science and engineering are international, collaborative endeavours. As such, issues affecting immigration policy may have a direct affect on UK’s science  and engineering workforce and output. CaSE is at the forefront of defending the knowledge and skills exchange vital for scientific progress, examining how changes to visa provisions, settlement rights and immigration caps, among other issues, may affect industry and academia.


Science and engineering are fields that everyone can and should be encouraged to explore, without exception. Our campaign puts accessibility and equality in the spotlight, examining the current state of ethnic diversity, gender equality and provisions for those with disabilities across sectors engaged with science and engineering, as well as reporting and scrutinising measures being introduced to secure opportunities for all within these sectors.

Industry, Media and Society

CaSE recognises that the commercialisation of science and technology through large scale industry and SMEs is essential for economic growth,  so we explore the  challenges and pressures facing businesses in our sector. In addition, we believe that both science and science policy must be into the public domain so that that the whole country is engaged in shaping their future. As such we interact widely with the media, focussing on the pillars of our campaign to inform debate across society.

Election Documents

Elections are a time for parties to focus on their manifesto pledges and are therefore a vital time for strong engagement by CaSE on behalf of the scientific and engineering communities. We challenge each party, both in England and the devolved nations, on their manifesto commitments to science and engineering and provide clear position statements to influence and guide party agendas. We also look beyond our shores, examining how different parties plan to make issues relating to science and engineering a priority on the European agenda.

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