Media Coverage 2011

December 2011 

The Guardian (25/12): We  must rebalance the economy

TechEye (16/12):  Select Committee begins inquiry into research “valley of death”

The Engineer (09/12): It came from the skies

The Guardian (08/12): Invest the 4G auction windfall in British science and technology

The Guardian (08/12): Results of publicly funded research will be open access – science minister

The Engineer (08/12): UK innovation strategy takes centre stage

Eureka Magazine (01/12): Talking points

November 2011

Oxford Times (30/11): Science facility being underused

The Engineer (29/11): Government invests £200m in science and engineering

Research Fortnight (29/11): Osborne throws science another £200m

Nature (29/11): UK pumps £200m back into scientific infrastructure

Science (29/11): Leonardo in a Garden Shed? U.K. Labs Get Cash Infusion, But Science Spending Still Down

The Times (29/11): Science gets £200m backing for research facilities threatened by cuts

BBC News (29/11): Is George Osborne the first ‘science Chancellor’?

BBC News (29/11): Chancellor gives £200m to science

The Guardian (29/11): George Osborne pumps extra £200m into science in autumn statement

Times Higher Education Supplement (29/11): Chancellor announces £200 million boost to science funding

Research Fortnight (29/11): From megastructures to nanotech: the race is on to find engineering ‘Nobel’

The Guardian (27/11): Isis laboratory funding shortfall ‘damaging UK’s research standing’

Research Fortnight (23/11): UK should align its research with emerging economies, says Bhattacharyya

Research Fortnight (21/11): Campaign group slams think tank for forgetting science

Morning Star (18/11): Immigration – a warped debate (Editorial)

BBC News (17/11): Engineering prize to be worth £1million

Research Fortnight (17/11): Cameron launches £1m global engineering award

Research Fortnight (15/11): UK should align its research system with those of emerging economies to keep in the picture

Research Fortnight (14/11): Time to consider privatising research labs, argues report

The Times (11/11): Government plans pose threat to science

The Times (11/11): Government’s new plan to cut immigration ‘will hit science research’

Research Fortnight (09/11): MPs publish responses to science spending review

Purse String Thoery (07/11): MP says he will flush out the truth of science funding

House of Parliament (03/11): Leader of the House Business Questions – Andrew Miller MP on science funding

Research Fortnight (03/11): Advisers need influence over R&D spend, says RCUK

Research Fortnight (02/11): Google joins science campaign

Laboratory News Article (November)

October 2011 (29/10): UK government science spending claims blasted

Public Service (28/10): Science budget freeze “welcome news”

New Statesman (27/10): Fountain of Half Knowledge

The Daily Politics (27/10): On the need for a high-tech economy

Times Higher Education Supplement (27/10): Leader: They won’t handle the truth

Times Higher Education Supplement (27/10): ‘Not minded’ to increase minders

House of Commons Science and Technology Committee inquiry on the evidence base for alcohol guidelines (16/10): Oral evidence from the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Public Health, Anne Milton

The Engineer (24/10): Make like a tree, make the most of the UK, and make your pitch

Times Higher Education Supplement (19/10): Influence wielded by chief scientific advisers ‘varies hugely’

Financial Times (19/10): Lack of consistency in scientific advice use

Research Fortnight (18/10): Health and environment top science-advice poll

New Statesman (17/10): Plan B – Lift the cap on immigration

The Telegraph (07/10): Scientists call for funding guarantees

The Times (06/10) : Science matters – the big freeze bites (£)

The Guardian (06/10): Careering out of control: UK science career structure in crisis

Times Higher Education Supplement (06/10): Vital signs of an unhealthy future for UK science

The Engineer (03/10): Osborne announces science and engineering investment

BBC News (01/10): UK invests in graphene technology

Laboratory News Article (October)

September 2011

Times Higher Education (29/09): Joy at science’s CSR result sours as fiscal reality bites

Wellcome (23/09): Opinion: Science and maths – doing well, but must do better

Research Fortnight (21/09): Campaign group sounds alarm over ‘declining’ science budget

Ekklesia (21/09): ‘Culture wars’, schools, science and religion

Ekklesia (19/09): Top scientists and educators want evolution not creationism in school science

Christian Post (19/09): U.K. Scientists Want Schools to Shun Creationism, Promote Evolution

National Center for Science Education (US) (19/09): A call to ban creationism in British schools

Chemistry World (16/09): Science budget ringfence questioned by report

Pharma Times  (15/09): UK needs “strategic vision to maintain world-class medical research

Times Educational Supplement (15/09): Neutral value for Treasury adviser

The Times (14/09): Science budget ‘freeze’ will mean cuts of £1.7 billion (£)

Science Business (14/09): UK science investment isn’t really protected

Science (14/09): U.K. Masks Cuts to Science By Redefining ‘Science Budget’

Times Educational Supplement (14/09): Government accused of cutting science budget ‘by the back door’

The Guardian (09/09): The versatility of science graduates should be celebrated not criticised

Times Educational Supplement (09/09): Bursaries for top graduates risk robbing primaries of talent, say campaigners

Times Higher Education (08/09): Future of entire STEM disciplines in question

Research Fortnight (06/09): Willetts picks rising star as life sciences adviser

Laboratory News Article (September)

August 2011

OpenPR (31/08): Sciences prove to be rising in popularity

Times Higher Education (25/08): Big AAB arts cohort may leave science in a funding wilderness

BBC Breakfast (20/08)

The Engineer (18/08): Engineers welcome rise in A-level students taking science

Financial Times (18/08): Young Britons opting to study sciences

Wellcome Trust (16/08): Wellcome Trust appoints new Head of Education and Learning

Science (15/08): UK slashes science and engineering PhDs

Laboratory News Article (August)

July 2011

Research Fortnight (27/07): We can’t screw this up

Chemistry World (27/07): UK government sets aside 1000 places for top researchers

Times Higher Education Supplement (21/07): Falsifiable claims

The Times (21/07): 500 ‘talent visas’ for scientists and engineers from outside EU (£)

The Engineer (21/07): Government sets out cap on immigrant engineers

Nature (20/07): UK’s Royal Society can choose talented immigrants

Laboratory News Article (July)

June 2011

Business Weekly (29/06): MPs and Peers breathe in Cambridge ClearTech

Prospect (23/06): Pale stale and male

Felix (17/06): Management board took decision to leave CaSE

Times Higher Education Supplement (16/06): Rational voice in the Treasury

House of Commons Adjournment Debate (16/06): Student visas

Research Fortnight (15/06):  Case welcomes big-name advisers

Times Higher Education Supplement (10/06): Scientists applaud appointment of chief scientific adviser to the Treasury

The Guardian (08/06): Treasury appoints James Richardson as it first chief scientific adviser

House of Lords debate (08/06): Research – Science and Technology Committee Report

Nature Blog (08/06): UK Treasury science adviser is an internal appointment

The Times (02/06): A degree of scepticism (£)

Times Higher Education (02/06): No fixed address

Felix (02/06): Imperial cuts ties with CaSE

Laboratory News Article (June)

Prospect (June): Timothy Geitner’s diary

Laboratory News Article (June)

May 2011

Times Higher Education (26/05): Imperial confirms exit from CaSE

Research Fortnight (18/05): Defra to slash research spending by a fifth

The Guardian (13/05): MPs criticise servere cuts to astronomy

Financial Times (09/05): Business concerned by school leavers’ skill

Laboratory News Article (May)

April 2011

Research Fortnight (26/04): Welsh students likely to continue enjoying free university education

Research Fortnight (21/04): Scotland’s Liberal Democrats campaign for science minister

Research Fortnight (20/04): Northern Ireland political parties unite in committing to science

Wonk HE (19/04): HE White Paper: it’s time to back science – Part 2

Wonk HE (18/04): HE White Paper: it’s time to back science – Part 1

Research Fortnight (07/04): UK Budget glosses over gaps in capital spend

Research Fortnight (01/04): Make science an election issue, says CaSE

Laboratory News Article (April)

March 2011

BBC Newsnight (30/03): CaSE Director Imran Khan interviewed by Jeremy Paxman on the cuts facing arts and science following last week’s budget

Research Fortnight (30/03): Budget papers over cracks in capital spend

The Herald (28/03): Call for strong science voice

The Times: Budget 2011 (24/03) – Analysis by Times experts (£)

The Times (24/03): Faster help for patients as red tape is cut (£)

The Guardian (24/03): £100m science sweetener after last year’s £1.4bn cuts

The Financial Times (24/03): £100 million in public fund to boost bioscience

BBC News (23/03): Budget’s £100 million extra for science

Nature (24/03): UK Chancellor puts science at heart of growth strategy

The Independent (24/03): Banks will boost research by £100m

The Engineer (23/03): Engineers offer cautious welcome to Osborne’s Budget

Times Higher Education (23/03): Budget 2011 – Osborne’s bank raid benefits science

Science Media Centre (23/03): UK scientific community comments on the 2011 budget

Times Higher Education (17/03): ’10-year commitment’ needed

Research Fortnight (16/03): Labour holds back on science policy

British Ecological Society Blog (14/03): CaSE Lecture on Science and Growth

Left Foot Forward (11/03): Denham warns science funding freeze will push UK further behind competitors

House of Lords debate (10/03): Visas: Points-based System

Labour Party Press Release (09/03): John Denham to urge ten year science settlement to maintain UK’s global science lead and strengthen future growth

The Times (08/03): John Denham on Labour science policy: the extended interview

The Times (08/03): Cuts ‘risk UK losing position as world leader in science’ (£)

Research Fortnight (02/03): US-style list could bring scientists into UK politics

People & Science Magazine – British Science Association (March 2011): The government is set to confuse advice and governance

The Times Eureka (March 2011): Does science get the media coverage it deserves? We, the media, ask them, the scientists

Laboratory News Article (March)

February 2011

Times Higher Education (24/02): The week in higher education

Nature (23/02): Seven days

Physics World (18/02): Researchers favoured in UK migration cap

Nature (16/02): Scientists get first dibs under UK immigration cap

BBC Today (16/02): Immigration system ‘needs to be policed’

Research Fortnight (16/02): Scientists benefit in immigration changes

Research Fortnight (16/02): Beddington goes to war against bad science

Education by Numbers (16/02): Science papers raising questions about exams system

The Engineer (15/02): Engineering bodies call for better careers advice

The Times (14/02): New teacher degree standard ‘will worsen shortage in maths and science’ (£)

Through the Looking Glass blog (03/02): Having a chat about science policy

New Scientist (02/02): Government science advice should rest on trust

Daily Mail (01/02): Pfizer to close its major UK research centre and to axe 2,400 jobs

Laboratory News Article (February)

January 2011

Times Higher Education Supplement (20/01): Social science emulates scientific method to escape retrenchment

British Ecological Society blog (14/01): CaSE Celebrate 25 Years

Nature (14/01): 25 years of saving British science

Physics World (January): Migrant cap ‘may damage’ UK physics

Laboratory News Article (January)

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