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CaSE is advocates for safeguarding and expanding the financial support for the UK’s science and engineering base. We report on Government spending announcements and analyse how such boosts or cuts could affect the science and engineering community and our national research output. Ensuring adequate funding for science and engineering is a huge part of our work, and stimulates strong engagement with both Parliament and the media, as this section reveals.

Here you will find blogs, reports, briefings and consultations on Research and Funding. To see only CaSE reports, briefings and consultations, use the button above.

A closer look at the Spending Review research budget figures

CaSE policy intern, Joanna Scales, has spent some time analysing the figures for the resource and capital budgets announced in the recent Spending Review. We consider here what the outlook for the next parliament is far as spending on science is concerned. You can read more of our commentary on the spending review announcements here.

The key points regarding the research budget are:

  • The £4.7bn flat cash resource funding budget will be protected in real terms until 2019/20.
  • The difference between flat cash and real terms will be bridged by £1.5bn from the ODA (Official Development Assistance) budget held in DfID. The £1.5bn covers the period 2016/17 to 2020/21, whereas the rest of the resource budget is only confirmed up until the end of this Parliament in 2019/20.
  • The capital budget will receive an investment of £6.9bn between 2015/16 and 2020/21.
  • Totalling the resource and capital budgets together the research base budget in 2019/20 will be £6.3bn, rising from £5.8bn in 2015/16.
  • The Innovate UK budget will be maintained in cash terms.

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The Good, the Bad, and the Unknown

As the dust settles, CaSE Acting Director Naomi Weir takes an in-depth look at yesterday’s Spending Review. Further to this we have also taken a closer look at the numbers here.

osborneHaving been working towards the 25th November for so long, it seems strange to have reached the 26th. But here we are.

As little red books are put away, permanent potholes are pondered, and the Speaker’s heart rate returns to normal, we can lift our heads up and take a look at some of the details of the Spending Review. From many-a-quote yesterday I believe I should expect to find the devil in them. Read More »

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CaSE responds to the Nurse Review

Sir Paul Nurse has today published his independent review of the UK Research Councils.

The review was requested by the Government following the publication of the Science and Innovation Strategy in 2014.

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S&T Committee Chairs’ letter to Sajid Javid

Yesterday, past and present Chairs of the House of Lords and House of Commons Science and Technology Select Committees wrote to the Business Secretary, Sajid Javid, urging him to increase spending on the Science Budget and to support innovative businesses. They also cautioned against rushed reorganisations of funding structures that could have unforeseen and negative consequences.

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CaSE’s submission to the 2015 Spending Review

HMTCaSE has today released its submission to the 2015 Spending Review, due to published by the Government in November.

To deliver on its commitment of repairing Britain’s finances and move to a higher-wage, more productive economy, CaSE has called on the Government to nurture its means: science and innovation. Read More »

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Life science organisations call on Government to invest in basic research

Almost 200 life sciences organisations – from funders to pharmaceuticals companies – have written to the Financial Times to ask the UK government to protect its investment in science in the forthcoming Spending Review. Read More »

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CaSE responds to the Summer Budget


CaSE has today responded to the Chancellor’s Summer Budget

The budget includes a number of new announcements, including measures on maintenance grants, apprenticeship levies and catapult centres, however further questions remain over the timetable of the Spending Review and the science budget in the Autumn. Read More »

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What have we learned from today’s budget?

So the Chancellor has given his much-anticipated all-Conservative Budget. What can the science and engineering community take away from today’s announcements and what do we still not know?

What we already knew

First, what did we already know before George Osborne stood up at the despatch box today? Read More »

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‘CaSE sets out the evidence for championing science and engineering’

Today CaSE has published a short briefing summarising the strong evidence for the value of public investment in science and engineering. The evidence shows it supports a strong economy, creates high-value jobs, and helps us all live healthier and happier lives.

Over the next five years there is enormous opportunity for science and engineering to drive economic prosperity and public wellbeing as a central feature of the Government’s long-term economic plan. Read More »

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The Northern Powerhouse now has a Minister, or two!

2015 General Election - CabinetJames Wharton has been appointed as the Minister responsible for the Northern Powerhouse, the Government’s initiative to strengthen the economy in the North of England. Read More »

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Latest ONS figures bring good and bad news for government investment in R&D

CaSE’s analysis shows the proportion of government spending invested in UK R&D has been decreasing since 2003, putting us below international averages and competitor nations. In 2003 1.37% of total government spending went on R&D. In 2013 this figure had dropped to 1.18%, or £8.4 billion.

We’ve analysed new figures released by the Office for National Statistics on Gross Domestic Expenditure on R&D (GERD). The stats show that GERD rose 5% in real-terms in 2013, reaching an all-time high of £28.9 billion. However, this equals 1.67% of GDP, a slight increase from 2012 but still below the European average of 2% and far lower than in the past. The government’s contribution to the UK’s total R&D spend was 0.49% of GDP. Read More »

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CaSE responds to 2015 Budget

In today’s budget the Chancellor stated that “future economic success depends on future scientific success”.

A successful long-term economic plan must therefore have a long-term plan for science at its core. He said the government was “choosing the future…choosing jobs… choosing the whole nation”. To do that the Chancellor, and the next government, must choose to increase investment in science and engineering over the long-term. Read More »

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CaSE 2015 Budget Briefing

New CaSE analysis shows that the UK research base has lost over £1 billion of investment over the course of this Parliament due to the government’s flat-cash ringfence policy.

It also reveals that if current government policy is maintained, overall funding for research will continue to be eroded by inflation despite recent capital spending commitments, with the overall shortfall reaching £2.3 billion by 2020.

CaSE has analysed investment since 2010 in the UK research base, composed of the resource ‘Science Budget’ and capital budget, over the term of this Parliament, comparing it to what would have been spent if 2010 budgets had been maintained in line with inflation. The analysis looks at overall research base investment and how the resource and capital budgets have individually affected investment in science and engineering. It also looks at planned investment in the next Parliament (2015/16 to 2019/20). Read More »

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CaSE kicks off the election year with a debate and a call for action

The sold-out CaSE cross-party debate, kindly hosted by the Royal Society tonight, brings together the science spokespeople from the three main Westminster parties to discuss the future direction of science and engineering in the UK. Read More »

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CaSE responds to Science and Innovation Strategy

CaSE finds much to welcome in the Government’s science and innovation strategy, but important questions remain unanswered. Read More »

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How to make the UK the ‘best place to do science’

Election 2015 – Policy Briefings

Ahead of the 2015 Election, the Campaign for Science and Engineering has worked with its members and collaborators to develop a toolkit that government can use to realise its ambition to make the UK a leading scientific nation.

Every major political party has put science and engineering at the heart of their plans for a prosperous innovative Britain, driving high skills jobs and growth. Read More »

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CaSE responds to Autumn Statement 2014

Does government back the Chancellor’s ‘personal priority’ of science?

In this Autumn Statement, science was again singled out as the Chancellor’s ‘personal priority’. We saw indications of intent on how the government will spend the £1.1bn pa capital committed to science for the next five years in announcements of new facilities and research centres.

With many of these located in the north of England, we see how science is being used as a tool in the government’s drive to ‘rebalance the economy’. Announcements on skills and the fiscal landscape for research are welcome, but these need to be part of a coherent cross-government strategy to work. Read More »

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Investing in science across the UK

CaSE has welcomed today’s news in The Times (£) that the Chancellor George Osborne will be announcing a new £200 million science institute to be built in Manchester.

Update: For further details see CaSE’s response to the 2014 Autumn Statement.

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SET stats – a timely R&D health-check

In all of the excitement of a major reshuffle, it would have been easy to miss that the ONS published the Government Expenditure on Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) for 2012-13 this week. Read More »

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New evidence: science investment boosts growth

A new independent report for CaSE shows that investing public money in science and engineering is good for the economy. The Economic Significance of the UK Science Base examines the economic impact of public investment in the UK science base.

The report looks in detail at the relationship between public funding of science and engineering and three levels of economic activity: total factor productivity growth in industries; ability of universities to attract external income; and interaction between individual researchers and the wider economy.  Read More »

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