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CaSE Diary

The Case Diary includes the latest information on our activites. The Diary archive, available via the links on the left, includes diary entries as well as all the information from our What's New section.


March 2010


29/03/10 CaSE attended a parliamentary event for MPs standing down at the next election, organised by the RSC with the support of CaSE

26/03/10 CaSE met the Science Minister Lord Drayson to discuss Labour's science policy commitments and the newly published Principles on Scientific Advice to Government

25/03/10 CaSE met with the Society of Biology

24/03/10 The Budget
CaSE has responded to today's Budget, which included some additional support for research commericialisation, innovation and skills. There was no clarity about the government's commitment to seeing through the 10 year Science and Innovation Investment Framework.
Read the press release

24/03/10 Principles of Scientific Advice
The government has published its final version of the Principles of Scientific Advice to Government.
Read the Principles
Read CaSE's response

23/03/10 CaSE met with the British Ecological Society

22/03/10 Director of CaSE
CaSE is advertising for a new Director, deadline for applications 18th April 2010. CaSE's current Director, Nick Dusic, will become Director of Science and Medical Public Affairs at Pfizer from May 10th.
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19/03/10 CaSE met with Birmingham University

18/03/10 Dave Hawksett and Nick Dusic met with Breast Cancer Campaign

17/02/10 CaSE met with York University

15/03/10 The Science Budget
Nick Dusic has responded to Secretary of State for Business Lord Mandelson's comments in the FT that the Labour government has no plans to cut science spending. Writing on the CaSE blog Nick argues that further to this announcement, science funding is set to become a political debate in the run up to the election.
Read the full blog

15/03/10 Nick Dusic has written on the New Scientist S-Word blog on the massive political impact the science vote could have
Read the blog

15/03/10 Nick Dusic spoke about The Science Vote at a Westminster Sceptics science policy discussion with Professor Brian Cox and Evan Harris MP, Liberal Democrat Science Spokesman.

15/03/10 Hilary Leevers attended the Times Educational Supplement pre-election debate on schools

12/03/10 Nick Hall attended a science policy workshop on Scotland and research funding, jointly hosted by Association of Medical Research Charities and the Biochemical Society

12/03/10 Dave Hawksett and Nick Dusic met with BCS The Chartered Institute for IT.

11/03/10 CaSE attended the Royal Society of Chemistry Parliamentary Affairs Committee event

11/03/10 Prospect have written for the CaSE blog on the effects of possible funding cuts on MOD R&D.
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10/03/10 Hilary Leevers attended an Association of Medical Research Charities Public Affairs Working Group meeting to talk about pre-and post-election work.

10/03/10 CaSE's Executive Committee met.

09/03/10 Building Our Future with Science and Engineering
CaSE has published its short election document, Building our Future with Science & Engineering, developed with our members and collaborators. This summarises the key issues emerging from the CaSE working papers. It urges the parties to develop clear and long-term policies that will enable science and engineering to address societal challenges and build a more robust economy.
Read Building our Future with Science & Engineering
Read the press release
Read the working papers

The Science Vote
In honour of the upcoming general election, we have renamed our blog, formerly known as CaSE Notes, The Science Vote to emphasise the very real existence of a force among voters who care about science and engineering policies. The Science Vote has published its first posts from prospective parliamentary candidates (PPCs) from each of the main parties. We are working our way through a list of candidates with a background in science, technology, engineering or mathematics, inviting them to write for us.
The Science Vote blog
Read the PPC posts

09/03/10 Hilary Leevers attended the launch of the Royal Society's new report The Scientific Century, looking at the need for sustained long-term investment in growth.
Read the report

09/03/10 Hilary Leevers has written for the New Scientist S-Word blog on what Sir James Dyson's new report, Ingenious Britain, means for Conservative science policy.
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08/03/10 Letter to the Leaders
CaSE published its Letter to the Leaders today, which asks them to set out their science and engineering policies covering education & skills; research funding; innovation and science and engineering in government. CaSE has sent similar letters to the main political parties in advance of previous UK, devolved and European elections. We will publish the responses from the party in advance of the General Election. The Letter was also published in The Times.
Letter to the Leaders

08/03/10 Dave Hawksett and Hilary Leevers met with Microsoft

05/03/10 CaSE's election blog has published a series of new posts:
- Nick Bowes from the Advisory Committee on Mathematics Education (AMCE) outlines the success of their recent Annual Conference on maths education. Read more.
- Diana Garnham, Chair of the Science for Careers Expert Group, talks about the group's new report examining how we can get more young people interested in a career in science. Read more.
- The Royal Statistical Society's Andrew Garrett on what the three main political parties have to say about official statistics in government. Read more.
- Simon Denegri, Chief Executive of the Association of Medical Research Charities, on the positive role charity organisations play among the science community. Read more

01/03/10 Council for Science Technology presents A Vision for UK Research
Nick Dusic attended the press launch of the latest Council for Science Technology report that presents the Prime Minister with A Vision for UK Research. The report argues for a long term plan of sustained investment in a broad, creative and excellent research base complemented by more strategic support downstream.
Read the report
Read Nick Dusic's New Scientist blog