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CaSE Diary

The CaSE Diary includes the latest information on our activities. The Diary archive is available via the links on the left.

24/02/11 Dave Hawksett met the University of Kent

23/02/11 Imran Khan gave a presentation on CaSE's work to the Executive Board of the Institution for Mathematics and its Applications

21/02/11 Imran Khan and Hilary Leevers met with Stephen Marston, Director General for Universities and Skills at the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills

21/02/11 Imran Khan met with Editor of Nature

17/02/11 Imran Khan and Hilary Leevers met with the Shadow Secretary of State for Business John Denham MP

17/02/11 Imran Khan and Dave Hawksett met with the Institute of Chemical Engineers

16/02/11 Hilary Leevers chaired a Science Question Time event at the Biochemical Society. Science Qustion Time is a new joint venture between the Biochemical Society, the Campaign for Science and Engineering and staff at Imperial College London. Speakers, including the Director of the Wellcome Trust Sir Mark Walport, and the audience discussed the broad challenges facing the science sector in this spending review period.

16/02/11 Science and engineering claim victory on migrant cap
CaSE today claimed that the Government’s new immigration rules represented a victory for the science and engineering sectors. The new proposals give significant rewards to applicants with science and engineering qualifications. In October eight Nobel laureates, including the new President of the Royal Society, signed a letter organised by CaSE saying that the UK “must not to isolate itself” from the global world of research. CaSE's efforts in this area were recognised by the Minister forImmigration Damian Green MPon the BBC Today programme this morning.
Read CaSE's comments
Read the Nobel Laureate Letter
Read a summary of CaSE's work on the migrant cap
Listen to the Today programme

14/02/11 Letter to Michael Gove - Education White Paper
CaSE has sent a letter to Michael Gove MP, Secretary of State for Education, outlining CaSE’s concerns over the Government’s education proposals contained in the latest White Paper on Education. The letter is supported by eminent figures in science and engineering, including Lord May and Lord Rees (former Presidents of the Royal Society), Ian Taylor (former Conservative Science Minister), Sir Harry Kroto (Nobel prize-winner), and Dame Bridget Ogilvie (former Director of the Wellcome Trust). The letter was also covered in the Times.
Read the letter
Read the Times article

14/02/11 Imran Khan, CaSE’s Director, was in conversation with Andrew Miller MP, Chair of the House of Commons Science and Technology Select Committee, at PolicyNet at The Royal Academy of Engineering

10/02/11 Imran Khan attended a reception of the Academy of Medical Sciences

10/02/11 CaSE staff attended the Science and the Media event at the Royal Society

09/02/11 Imran Khan met with staff from the Commons Science & Technology Select Committee

09/02/11 Imran Khan met with Adam Afriyie MP, Chair of the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology

09/02/11 Hilary Leevers attended an Industry Forum breakfast meeting on 'Innovation: government and business roles' with Adrian Bailey MP, Chair of the Business, Innovation and Skills Select Committee

08/02/11 Imran Khan met with Fiona Godlee, Editor in Chief of the British Medical Journal

08/02/11 Imran Khan and Hilary Leevers met with representatives of the UK Border Agency at the CaSE offices,

04/02/11 Imran Khan met with Birmingham University

03/02/11 Imran Khan gave a talk on careers in science policy communication at Oxford

03/02/11 Imran Khan met Paul Wellings from the 1994 Group

02/02/11 Imran Khan attend FST talk and dinner on Research Council Research Allocations at the Royal Society

02/02/11 Government science advice should rest on trust
For the first time since the 2009 sacking of David Nutt the government is updating its official Code of Practice for Scientific Advisory Committees (CoPSAC). The consultation process is just ending, and we're expecting the new document to be finalised over the coming weeks and months. In an article for the New Scientist S-Word blog CaSE Director Imran Khan sets out CaSE's main asks, including greater transparency with regards to the media, introducing safeguards to ensure independence of scientific advice and setting limits on ministerial pressure or interference.
Read the blog

02/02/11 International Student Visas
The Home Office’s plans to restrict student visas present some potentially damaging implications for UK science and engineering.CaSE has responded to the consultation, with a summary of our concerns and suggestions on the CaSE blog.
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01/02/11 Hilary Leevers attended a round-table meeting on disabled students in the sciences, hosted by the Institute of Physics, to discuss the provision of new resources in this area

01/02/11 Imran Khan attended the Oxford London Lecture

01/02/11 James Lush joined CaSE as an intern

31/01/11 Imran Khan with Stephen Metcalfe MP

31/01/11 Funding cuts – as the dust settles
Following October’s Spending Review and December’s Science Budget Allocations, Director Iman Khan has written an article for the CaSE Blog, setting out what impact the funding cuts will have on the science and engineering landscape across a range of issues.
Read the blog

28/01/11 Dave Hawksett met with Loughborough University

27/01/11 Dave Hawksett met with Plymouth University

27/01/11 Imran Khan and Hilary Leevers met with staff from office of the Minister for Universities and Science, David Willett

26/01/11 Imran Khan gave a seminar for the Imperial College Science Media course on Science in Parliament and Government

25/01/11 Hilary Leevers attended a Reception of the Association of Medical Research Charities

24/01/11 CaSE met with Chi Onwurah MP

24/01/11 Imran Khan met with Mark Henderson, Science Editor of The Times and Chris Tyler, Director of the Centre for Science and Policy to discuss Mark's upcoming book The Geek Manifesto

20/01/11 Imran Khan attended a workshop on the Code of Practice for Scientific Advisory Committees (COPSAC) at BIS

20/01/11 Dave Hawksett met with BASF

20/01/11 Imran Khan attended a Royal Academy of Engineering debate on innovation

20/01/11 CaSE attended the launch of the Campaign for Social Science at the House of Commons

19/01/11 Imran Khan attended a discussion dinner on science funding at the House of Commons

19/01/11 Imran Khan attended a meeting at the Wellcome Trust

17/01/11 Imran Khan attended an Industry Forum event on 'Will UK R&D be left behind?' with Andrew Miller MP, Chair of the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee

14/01/11 Imran Khan and Dave Hawksett met with Warwick University

14/01/11 Imran Khan and Dave Hawksett met with the UK Resource Centre for Women in SET

14/01/11 Imran Khan and Dave Hawksett met with Oxford Instruments

13/01/11 CaSE 25th Anniversary
Today marks the 25th anniversary of the launch of Save British Science, now the Campaign for Science & Engineering, via an advert in The Times.

In celebration, CaSE held an evening reception '25 years Past and Future', hosted by the Institution of Engineering and Technology. Speakers at the event included the Science Minister David Willetts MP, Lord May and the co-founders of Save British Science, Dr John Mulvey and Professor Denis Noble.
Read the press release
View photos of the event
View the guest list

13/01/11 CaSE News and E-Bulletin
The latest issue of CaSE News has been published. This is a special 25th anniversary edition, featuring articles by founder Professor Denis Noble and the Times Science Editor Mark Henderson, as well as a round up of all science and engineering policy news. CaSE has also published its latest-bulletin, giving a summary of all CaSE's activities over the last month.
Read CaSE News
Read the e-bulletin

12/01/11 Imran Khan met with staff from the House of Lords Science & Technology Select Committee

12/01/11 CaSE met with Louise Ellman MP

11/01/11 Imran Khan attended the Centre for Science and Policy reception in Cambridge

11/01/11 CaSE met with Stephen Mosley MP

11/01/11 Imran Khan met with staff from the office of Shadow BIS Minister Chi Onwurah MP

10/01/11 CaSE took part in a roundtable discussion on the proposed Exceptional Talent Route for Tier 1 immigration, hosted by the Royal Society

06/01/11 Hilary Leevers met staff from the Science Media Centre

06/01/11 Imperial College Union: Life Sciences Restructuring Threatens Teaching
Alex Kendall, President of Imperial College Union, has written for the CaSE blog on plans to restructure the University's department of Life Sciences
Read the blog

04/01/11 Computing Education in English Schools
Bill Mitchell, Director of the Academy of Computing at the BCS (The Chartered Institute for IT), has written for the CaSE blog on the collapse of computing education in English schools
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20/12/10 Science Budget Allocations
CaSE has commented on the science budget allocations, which were announced by the government today. CaSE Director Imran Khan said, "The allocations confirm that UK science and engineering faces four very tricky years ahead. While some of our international competitors are looking to the future, British research will be busy retrenching."
Read the full press release
Read further CaSE analysis

17/12/10 Dave Hawksett met with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

16/12/10 CaSE attended the PolicyNet event on the new knowledge economy, hosted by the Royal Academy of Engineering

15/12/10 Hilary Leeves met with BIS officials to discuss the proposed non-EU immigration cap alongside other representatives from the science and engineering community

14/12/10 Hilary Leevers met with Yvonne Baker, Chief Executive of the National Science Learning Centre