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Science Education


A solid grounding in science and mathematics enables all members of society to understand and constructively engage with the science and technology issues of the day. In addition, the next generation of scientists and engineers must be educated. For these reasons, an innovative society needs effective policies for ensuring a high-quality science, technology, engineering and mathematics education is available to all from primary schools to PhDs.


CaSE Activities

Science, Engineering and the Immigration Cap
November 2010

Reviewing the Browne Review

October 2010

Letter to the Times on the non-EU immigration cap
October 2010

Building our Future with Science & Engineering

CaSE Election Statement: March 2010

Education and Skills

CaSE Election Working Paper: February 2010

The Children, Schools and Families Bill should include a statutory duty for students to be offered triple science GCSEs
Briefing: November 2009

QCA Primary curriculum review

July 2009

Science GCSE Delivery and Results

Briefing: February 2009

CaSE Triple Science "Entitlement"
Briefing: February 2009

International Excellence: Valuing International Scientists and Engineers
CaSE Opinion Forum: November 2008

Managing Migration: The Points Based System
Home Affairs Committee: June 2008

STEM Diversity Bursaries

CaSE Policy Proposal: July 2008

Higher UCAS points for STEM
CaSE Policy Proposal: July 2008

Higher Education at Work
DIUS: July 2008

Delivering Diversity
Briefing: July 2008


Managing Migration: The Points Based System
Home Affairs Committee: June 2008

Delivering Diversity: Making Science and Engineering Accessible to All
CaSE Opinion Forum: May 2008

Research Excellence Framework
Response to HEFCE: February 2008

Funding for Equivalent or Lower Qualifications (ELQs)
Response to IUSS Committee: January 2008

Secondary Science Education
Briefing: January 2008

Assessing real educational value
Response to the House of Commons Education & Skills Committee Inquiry
into Testing and Assessment: June 2007

Secondary science education
Opinon Forum: May 2007
Background document

A new vision for careers guidance
Opinion Forum: March 2007

Other Information

Relative difficulty of examinations in different subjects
Report for SCORE: June 2008

Secondary Schools Curriculum and Staffing Survey 2007
DCSF: June 2008

Success in Science
Ofsted's report: June 2008

Review of Mathematics
DCSF report: June 2008

The Value of Mathematics
Reform report: June 2008

Science Teaching in Schools
House of Lords Science and Technology Committee Report: 2006