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Campaign for Science and Engineering in the Media




20 Dec Associations join row as more chemistry departments close Chemistry & Industry
8 Dec Work needed to reap the benefits of internaionalism in the UK Research Fortnight
8 Dec Clarke starts down road to intervention Research Fortnight
4 Dec University criticised after axing physics courses Northern Echo
4 Dec Top university axes physics degrees Yorkshire Post
4 Dec We need to evaluate the true cost of teaching science Financial Times
3 Dec Taxes simpler, businesses smarter The Scotsman
3 Dec Astra Zeneca chief to head forum to review competitiveness Financial Times
3 Dec Scientists say funding crisis in universities was ignored Daily Telegraph
2 Dec Government urged to ease science crisis Guardian Online
2 Dec UK to invest long-term in science BBC News Online
Dec Science & Public Affairs Science & Public Affairs
Dec "Save British Science" Annual Distinguished Lecture ISTC Newsletter
Dec More money, less politics The Biochemist
Dec Think twice Laboratory News
Nov Bureaucracy reigns supreme Innovation Policy Review
30 Nov Newsnight BBC 2
30 Nov Academics warn of financial crisis threatening chemistry teaching in universities Financial Times
30 Nov Boost for science as Bron eyes plaudits Financial Times
26 Nov NI scientists being 'starved of funding' News Letter (Northern Ireland)
26 Nov Patten dismisses private control with call for more state gold Times Higher Education Supplement
26 Nov Fear and security pose a threat to our future Times Higher Education Supplement
25 Nov Science hit by lack of investment News Letter (Northern Ireland)
25 Nov End bureaucratic meddling Financial Times Online
Dec Science & Public Affairs Science & Public Affairs
24 Nov Patten speaks up for UK and European research Research Fortnight
24 Nov Research is about more than money - it's about the fabric of society Daily Telegraph
19 Nov Chancellor hits out at extremist threat Oxford Mail
19 Nov Attack on animal protests Express & Star
19 Nov Animal rights extremists slammed BBC News Online
19 Nov Thugs will not stop oxford animal lab, says Patten Financial Times
19 Nov Liberty threatened by animal rights thugs says Patten The Times
19 Nov Patten blasts extremists Evening Standards
18 Nov Ethics and topical issues could replace traditional sciences Newcastle Journal
18 Nov Today BBC Radio 4
18 Nov Channel 4 News Channel 4
17 Nov Exam plan spells end for science Western Daily Press
17 Nov 'Lifestyle' focus for GCSE science Daily Telegraph
5 Nov Ethics scrutiny found wanting Times Higher Education Supplement
Nov Fury at Government Department Laboratory News
Nov Crazy Red Tape Laboratory News
Oct The RAE: A bureaucratic time-waster Innovation Policy Review
27 Oct British science still in poor health says SBS Research Fortnight
27 Oct No senior scientist and 'poor understanding' at DCMS Research Fortnight
27 Oct The long decade Research Fortnight
27 Oct Call for science minister inside the cabinet Guardian Online
26 Oct Britain's science failures hit world's poor Guardian Online
15 Oct Big plans unsettle small science Times Higher Education Supplement
Oct Where have all the scientists gone? Interactions
13 Oct Stop interfering in research Research Fortnight
8 Oct Science: a suitable case for treatment TES Scotland
7 Oct Letter Daily Telegraph
Oct Science education failing kids Laboratory News
Oct Auntie celebrates sciences Laboratory News
Sep What are exams for, anyway? Innovation Policy Review
29 Sep New oanel chairs get RAE 2008 under way Research Fortnight
16 Sep Pupils in Scotland missing out on science lessons, report claims Press & Journal
15 Sep Appliance of science is hit by shortages Aberdeen Evening Express
15 Sep 478 initiatives, but no strategy yet for subjects Research Fortnight
8 Sep Call for new approach to science teaching Guardian Online
1 Sep SBS criticises under-funding of science students Daily Telegraph
Sep UK scientists runners-up in research Knowledge Management
Sep Shot in the arm for UK science Science & Public Affairs
Sep £1 billion to invest in science Public Service Director
Sep Should students decide? Laboratory News
31 Aug Unscientific provision Daily Telegraph
27 Aug Falling scores spell gloomey future for science Times Educational Supplement
26 Aug Attirer les milleurs Jeune Docteurs
25 Aug Country slums in SATS league Eastern Daily Press
25 Aug Poor teaching key to missed targets Western Morning News
25 Aug How Labour is failing our primary schools Daily Express
24 Aug Schools fail to reach Government targets Daily Mail Online
24 Aug Testing regime has had its day, say teachers Guardian Online
23 Aug Nobel scientist quits Britain for US Guardian Online
19 Aug Science dropped for 'soft' subjects Daily Mirror
Aug Don't skimp on R&D spending Innovation Policy Review
14 Aug Further from Washington Lancet
12 Aug Chemistry is not expendable Independent
4 Aug SBS calls for carrots and sticks to increase industry R&D spend Research Fortnight
2 Aug Forging links Dundee Courier & Advertiser
Aug £250 million needed for science researchers Laboratory News
Aug Can't pull the wool over our eyes Laboratory News
Aug Science gets cash boost Physics World
Aug The devil is in the detail Laboratory News
28 July 'Brain gain' in UK universities BBC News Online
26 July UK Government promises to shore up Britain's Science Base Science
July Good news from Mr Brown? Innovation Policy Review
26 July No appliance of science London Evening Standard
22 July Touching the void Guardian
21 July Activists halt Oxford lab The Scientist
20 July Show me the money Guardian
19 July Who will teach all these students New Statesman
16 July Pupils ruin experiments Times Educational Supplement
16 July Hold the bubbly... Times Higher Education Supplement
15 July Are researchers happy with Gordon Brown's sums? Guardian
15 July UK comes second in science Guardian Online
15 July Britain spends to secure scientific growth Nature
14 July Government spending review to double science budget Electronics Weekly
13 July Spending review ignores academic salary shortfalls
13 July Lessons being abandoned Leicester Mercury
13 July R&D funding boost given a welcome Financial Times
13 July Industry bosses face call to invest more Daily Telegraph
13 July UK lags behind The Times
13 July The Big Spend: Comment The Times
13 July Summing up Guardian
13 July Boosting research to help the economy Guardian
13 July Accident risk stops classes Bristol Evening Post
13 July Bad behaviour is killing science lessons The Journal (Newcastle)
12 July School science labs 'inadequate' BBC News Online
12 July Science time under attack Express & Star
12 July Poor discipline disrupts science lessons Morning Star
12 July 'Rowdy pupil' threat to science Western Mail
12 July Bad pupils force ban on lab work Daily Telegraph
12 July Education reaction in quotes Guardian Online
12 July Cash boost for science research Guardian Online
12 July Ten-year science funding outlined BBC News Online
12 July Drive Time BBC Radio WM
12 July Rowdy pupils force teacher to take fun out of science Birmingham Post
12 July Lunchtime news BBC Radio 5 Live
12 July Rowdy pupils make dangerous chemistry Times
10 July The Today Programme BBC Radio 4
9 July Scientists hope Brown's chemistry is right Financial Times
9 July UK 'must back Europe space plans' BBC News Online
9 July UK enjoys a brain gain in young talent Times Higher Education Supplement
Extra investment gives proven results Laboratory News
8 July £250 million needed to tackle recruitment and retention crisis Biochemist e-volution
7 July UK debate on Framework 7 takes in social sciences and funding for basic research Research Fortnight
5 July Call for higher salaries for researchers Guardian Online
July Extra investment gives proven results Laboratory News
29 June SBS welcomes government moves on maths
June Tax changes thwart spin-outs Innovation Policy Review
23 June UK 'not getting full value' from funding, says SBS Research Fortnight
23 June What did Brown's millions improve? Daily Telegraph
17 June Funding review set to buck up basic research Nature
11 June Half of UK chemistry may shut after RAE Times Higher Ed Supplement
10 June Science spending to double in a decade Guardian Online
9 June Academics plead with MPs for 'radical rethink' of RAE Research Fortnight
8 June Universities hit by research 'snobbery' Guardian Online
June Dangerous science Laboratory News
June Where credit's due Making Money
21 May Treasury bias clouds blue-skies research Times Higher Education Supplement
May Research in the new Europe Innovation Policy Review
17 May Variable fees 'could add to science shortfall' Guardian Online
15 May Playing catch-up New Scientist
12 May Unsustainable and uncosted - the Treasury's policy on science Research Fortnight
12 May SBS rails at attempts to set priorities Research Fortnight
4 May Meacher and science The Times
May The future of funding Laboratory News
29 Apr Does a bigger Europe mean more and better science Guardian
28 Apr RAE too complex and wasteful, SBS says Research Fortnight
23 Apr Business focus will hit science Times Higher Education Supplement
22 Apr Preventing test-tube terrorism Guardian
16 Apr Hit all the right buttons or just flash the cash Times Higher Education Suppplement
4 Apr Money is not academic Observer
Apr Show us the money! Laboratory News
Apr Promises, promises Laboratory News
24 Mar DTI eases requirements as it launches Academic Fellowships Research Fortnight
23 Mar Making the most of it Guardian
23 Mar The chemistry of closure Guardian
Mar Ten-year plan for science Process Engineering
Mar In the Spotlight Innovation Policy Review
22 Mar Drive BBC Radio Five Live
18 Mar NHS funds kept on track with hefty raise Times
18 Mar Extra £100 million to be spent on NHS Birmingham Post
18 Mar These scientists have the PM's ear. Should he bother listening? Guardian
18 Mar Medical research to get £1.2 bn by 2008 Independent
18 Mar So what do you think? Independent
17 Mar Brown promises more cash for science Guardian Online
17 Mar Matthew Bannister BBC Radio Five Live
17 Mar Drug companies to raise R&D spending Financial Times
17 Mar Show us the money Gordon, says SBS Biochemist e-volution
17 Mar Blueprint for a brave new world? Daily Telegraph
16 Mar Brown's challenge for British science Guardian Online
15 Mar Britain warned over EU brain drain Birmingham Post
15 Mar Brown prioritises science funding Chemistry & Industry
15 Mar Universities told to look East BBC News Online
11 Mar Wave of protest strikes Europe's universities Nature
9 Mar The ivory tower is no more Guardian
6 Mar News BBC World Service
5 Mar Image dogs science, say leaders Times Higher Education Supplement
3 Mar Brown sets out strategy for investing in science Financial Times
3 Mar Where the money should be spent Guardian
2 Mar UK science strategy launched BBC News Online
2 Mar Brown makes science a funding priority Guardian Online
Mar No more games Laboratory News
25 Feb Geuninely big questions Research Fortnight
24 Feb Breakfast News BBC Radio Shropshire
24 Feb The Nicki Whiteman Show BBC Radio Berkshire
24 Feb Breakfast Show BBC Radio Gloucestershire
24 Feb GMR Breakfast BBC GMR Radio
24 Feb Breakfast BBC Radio Essex
19 Feb Government 'ignoring scientific advice' Guardian Online
18 Feb Small university departments get research funding lifeline Electronics Weekly
17 Feb Taro'r Post Radio Cymru
13 Feb Research Assessment System must be priced Biochemist e-volution
13 Feb RAE overhaul to stop games Times Higher Education Supplement
12 Feb SBS responds to publishing inquiry
11 Feb RAE overhaul to produce research 'premier league' Guardian Online
3 Feb Cinderella sciences put economy at risk Daily Telegraph
2 Feb Three options for university finance
2 Feb Public backs peer review Nature Online
Feb Are politicians listening? Microbiology Today
Feb In Profile Laboratory News
Feb Practical lessons cancelled across country Laboratory News
Feb Top-up or up-front Laboratory News
28 Jan Science class crisis Professional Engineering
27 Jan Other stories we liked Times
23 Jan Science practicals go down the tubes Times Educational Supplement
23 Jan Science grants to lure students Times Higher Education Supplement
22 Jan Unruly pupils force heads to cancel science practicals The Independent
21 Jan Jowell: media listeracy 'as important as maths or science' Guardian Online
21 Jan Pupils miss out on 'interesting' science Guardian Online
21 Jan Thousands of teenagers missing out on practical science Biochemist e-volution
20 Jan Disruptive pupils wreck science BBC News Online
14 Jan Has central planning of research priorities come back to haunt us? Research Fortnight
9 Jan Research plans spark cash fears Times Higher Education Supplement
2 Jan Science bodies set out vision in drive for greater funding Financial Times
2 Jan Come on, celebrate Times Higher Education Supplement
January The big question Laboratory News