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CaSE in the Media

Here you will find a list of all the appearances CaSE has made in print, broadcast and electronic media during 2007.

If you would like further information about any of our media appearances please contact us at the general correspondence address.


December 2008

The Times Higher Education Supplement (18/12): Give vetting system a boost

Research Fortnight (03/12): Finding time for work and play

Science and Public Affairs (December Edition): Science in an economic downturn

Laboratory News: CaSE Study

November 2008

Research News (28/11): Science Framework needs funds, warns campaign group

Research News (25/11): University infrastructure spending moved forward in pre-budget report

Nature Blog (25/11): Science survives the Chancellor's pre-budget report

Research News (20/11): Harmonise migration and science policies, government told

Research Fortnight (19/11): DIUS debates its way to future HE policy

Research Fortnight (19/11): Valuable imports

The Engineer Online (19/11): Immigrate to Innovate

Nature (07/11): Foreign scientists face secuirty-check delays in Britain

Physiology News (Winter 2008 Edition): Campaign for Science and Engineering

Laboratory News: CaSE Study

October 2008

The Royal Society of Chemistry: New science minister in UK reshuffle

The Today Programme (01/10): 'Blue skies' thinking for science

Laboratory News: CaSE Study

September 2008

Research Fortnight (24/09): Creationism unleashes most unholy row

Science and Public Affairs Magazine (September Edition): Higher up for lower down

Laboratory News: CaSE Study

August 2008

The Guardian (29/08): The experiment of a lifetime

The Financial Times (22/08): GCSEs show new wave of young scientists

The National Union of Teachers (22/08): More separate science GCSEs welcomed by pressure group

The Association of Teachers and Lecturers (22/08): Pressure group welcomes separate science uptake increase

The Times Educational Supplement (22/08): Pupils learn to love science and maths again

The Times Higher Education Supplement (21/08): Independents claim lion's share of top achievers

BBC News 24 (14/08): Dr Hilary Leevers interviewed about A level science and maths results

The Times Educational Supplement (08/08): Credit Crunch's Silver Lining

The Times Educational Supplement (08/08): UCAS carrot could halt decline

Laboratory News: CaSE Study

July 2008

Dr Hilary Leevers featured in a Returns booklet - profile of women returners

Published by the UK Resource Centre for Women in SET

Laboratory News: CaSE Study

June 2008

Research Day (19/06): Pressure still on government over science funding report

Hilary Leever's letter in the Independent (19/06) regarding unqualified science teachers

The Times Educational Supplement (18/06): Skewed science

Engineering and Technology: A Measure of Success

Guardian (02/06) Government failing to meet maths teaching target

Royal Society of Chemistry Policy Bulletin: Science is the foundation of an "Innovation Nation"

Laboratory News: CaSE Study

May 2008

Research Fortnight (21/05) Women under represented at Royal Society

Research Fortnight (21/05) Would Haldane mind, in principle?

Research Day UK (15/05) Government must do more to promote diversity, says CaSE

Times Higher Education (08/05): From Brain Drain to Bright Future

Laboratory News: CaSE Study

April 2008

Chemistry World (30/04): MPs berate UK government and funding agency over research cuts

The Times Educational Supplement (25/04): Trainees asked to state specialisms

Research Day (24/04): REF will not go ahead as planned

Nottingham Evening Post (09/04): Dancing to the rhythms of science at school event

Labratory News: CaSE Study on Innovation

The Biochemist: Interview with Nick Dusic, Director of The Campaign for Science and Engineering (CaSE), Fighting for science

Physics World: Royal Society offers funds for technology start-ups

March 2008

Research Fortnight (19/03): Critics say White Paper sells science short


The Times Educational Supplement (letter, 14/03): Science GCSEs

Science (14/03): U.K.'s Royal Society Ventures Into Funding Start-Up Companies


Daily Telegraph (13/03): John Denham defends science cuts at White Paper launch


IT Pro (12/03): Budget garners muted response from IT industry


Research Fortnight (05/03): ...but goals must balance curiosity


Labratory News: CaSE Study

Guardian Education (05/03): Foreign Office lets science diplomats go

February 2008

The Journal: The Race for Space


Research Fortnight (20/02): Science at the foreign office gets the heave


BBC News (15/02): 'Poor lacking' choices of sciences


Research Day (15/02): Peer review essential, says CaSE


Daily Telegraph (14/02): British manned space flight is 'wishful thinking'


Times Higher Education (14/02): REF Consultation: Academe's Concerns


Guardian Education (12/02): Backing Peer Review


Research Fortnight (06/02): Science education intiative doubled


Guardian Education (05/02): Everyone loves a man in a white coat


Labratory News: CaSE Study on Science and Society

January 2008

Research Fortnight (31/01): Decline in science PhDs

New Scientist: Careers Guide 2008

Research Day: STEM subjects get £140m boost


Chemistry World: EPSRC Forced to Cut Science


Times Higher Education: Prize Winning Performances


The Times (11/01): At least half a million pupils are attending failing schools


Laboratory News: CaSE Study