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CaSE in the Media

Here you will find a list of all the appearances CaSE has made in print, broadcast and electronic media during 2007.

If you would like further information about any of our media appearances please contact us at the general correspondence address.


December 2009

Candis (31/12): Science is a 'family-bonding activity'

Chemistry and Industry (21/12) Patent tax to be cut, but science funding suffers

New Scientist (18/12): Set the S Word Agenda

Times Higher Education (17/12): Student support may be targeted in £600m cutback, sources warn

Timer Higher Education (17/12): First let's find out if it will fly

The Financial Times (16/12): Minister seeks to end scientific dispute

BBC News (16/12): UK science faces funding cutbacks

The Times (16/12): Science advisers given right to dissent

New Scientist (16/12): David Nutt questions new government principles

Research Fortnight (16/12): Research and HE hit by £600m cuts in pre-budget report

Research Fortnight (16/12): Concentration on the few is no guarantee of quality, says University Alliance

National Science Council of Taiwan, Sci-Tech News Brief (16/12): UK Economy-focused Research Policy Requires More Evidence

Financial Times (15/12): Minister seeks to end scientific dispute

International Correspondance Schools (14/12): Maths vital for those taking GCSEs and A-level courses

Chemistry World (11/12): Hundreds of millions to be slashed from the research budget

New Scientist (11/12): Top scientist calms budget fears

The Chemical Engineer (10/12): UK cuts higher education and research funding

The Times (10/12): Science that kick-starts business 'is put at risk'

The Engineer (10/12): Darling delivers pre-budget report

New Scientist (10/12): The fallout of the £600 million science cuts

BBC News (10/12): Science and education face 'bleak' £600 million cuts

Public Service (10/12): Funding cuts threat to UK science

Association of Teachers and Lecturers (10/12): Ofqual sets new science GCSE criteria

New Scientist (09/12): £600 million cuts hits British science

Nature (09/12): Pre-budget report sends mixed signals to science

The Financial Times (09/12): 'Mixed signals' for science-based industry

BBC News (04/12): Science GCSEs are to include more demanding maths

Research Fortnight (02/12): Nesta expands the meaning of innovation

New Scientist Blog (01/12): UK science minister in the stocks

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November 2009

Nature (25/11): UK medical research funds threatened

The Telegraph (25/11): Cancer and dementia research funding could be spent on free social care

The Times (25/11): Cancer research at risk in scramble for care funds

New Scientist Blog (24/11): UK science policy thrashed out - gently

Civil Service World (23/11): Freedom of speech for scientists

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October 2009

Research Fortnight (21/10): Drayson signals Chief Technology Officer post

Research Fortnight (21/10): Drayson's big idea

The Daily Telegraph (19/10): The day Tony Blair (nearly) told Mandelson to jump off the Millenium Dome

Times Higher Education (15/10): Winner praises Nobel-laureate factory's culture

Research Fortnight (07/10): Research community waits to hear Conservative plans

Research Fortnight (07/10): Misreading the runes

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September 2009

Research Fortnight (23/09): Mandelson review may threaten dual support

BBC News (24/09): Is there any point to 'frivolous' academic research?

Genomeweb (11/09): So what do you contribute to the GDP?

The Register (11/09): Boffins, stop trying to monetise us, you don't know how

Science Insider (10/09): Can science pay its way in England?

Times Higher Education (10/09): Impact policy needs ‘more evidence’

Research Fortnight (09/09): Government gets warning on limits of impact assessment

Research Fortnight Editorial (09/09): Making an impact

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August 2009

Financial Times (28/08): Surge in science GCSEs cheers business

Times Education Supplement (28/08): Academic prowess is not a reflection of ability to work

BBC News (27/08): Science boys score in GCSEs

Chemistry & Industry (10/08): Science put on backbench

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July 2009

Research Fortnight (29/07): MPs lament government 'contempt' of parliament

Research Fortnight (29/07): Space agency needs budget to have clout, scientists warn

Times Higher Education Supplement (23/07): Impact may account for 30% of researchers' marks in REF (09/07): Good news on science and technology

Research Fortnight (01/07): Weak pound set to hit home in year ahead

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June 2009

PC Pro (26/06): Commons tech committee back in business

The Times (26/06): Return for Commons science watchdog

Science (25/06): UK restores parliamentary science committee

BBC News (25/06): Science and tech committee reborn

Chemistry and Industry (22/06): DIUS axed in reshuffle

University World News (14/06): Universities disappear in super-ministry

The Guardian (12/06: MPs demand proper scrutiny of government science policy

Research Day (12/06): Call for return of Science and Technology Committee

Chemistry World 12/06: Focus on economic impact the way forward, says RCUK

The Engineer (12/06): Compromising Science

BBC News (12/06): Science policy scrutiny 'at risk'

Science Business (11/06): All change again for science as UK government creates a new department

Guardian(09/06): This government sees science simply as a tool for generating profit

The Times 09/06): From DIUS to DBIS: An exchange on what it means for science

Research Research (08/06): Fears over fundamental science as Mandelson takes over

The Times (05/06): End Of DIUS?

Nature (05/06): UK science pulled back to business

Physics Today (05/06): UK cabinet shuffle impacts science

Science (05/06): UK science funding shakeup: Goodbye DIUS

House of Lords Debate (04/06): Science, Technology and Engineering

Research Fortnight (03/06): Time to make friends in Europe, parties tell scientists

Science (02/06): Political science in European elections

The Times (02/06): Political science: be careful who you vote for

Financial Times Science Blog (01/06): For scientists, Europe matters



May 2009

Research Fortnight (06/05): UK misses a competitive trick


Research Fortnight (06/05): Budget deals a harsh blow to DIUS

The Biologist (01/05): Allocating funds for scientific research


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April 2009

Times Higher Education Supplement (30/04): State demands 106 million refocus

Times Higher Education Supplement (30/04): Bang for your bucks

Nature (29/04): Basic researchers protest UK budget

BBC News (27/04): Obama vows investment in science

Manchester Evening News (23/04): Britain's position as a world leader in emerging technologies was bolstered by a £750m Budget package aimed at industry

Times Higher Education Supplement (23/04): Disappointment greets Budget announcement

Wales News (23/04): What Welsh experts thought of the many Budget measures

The Times (23/04): Budget 2009 - Briefing

Belfast Telegraph (22/04): Budget: Attempts to boost the role of sciences in recovery

Chemistry World (22/04): Darling budgets for high tech growth

Research Research (22/04): Industrial R&D tops basic science in Budget

Science Magazine (22/04): A not-so stimulating UK budget

The Scientist (22/04): UK to bail out biotech

Nature (22/04): Green technologies win 1.4 billion in UK budget

Guardian (22/04): Budget 2009 - Universities braced for funding cuts

Guardian (22/04): Budget 2009: How the education world is reacting

Financial Times (06/04): Innovation bodies call for 2bn in funding

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March 2009

Research Fortnight (18/03): Universities tighten belts to face lean years ahead

Today Programme (18/03): Science 'good bet for investment'

BBC News (17/03): Ministers' 1 billion UK science plea

The Guardian (10/03): A chance for universities to step up to the plate

ScienceMag (13/03): England spreads its funds widely, sparking debate

The Scientist (11/03): UK unis want spin-off

Research Fortnight (04/03): Research leaders baulk at science budget 'review'

Research News (04/03): Brown pledges to keep up science funding through recession

Laboratory News: CaSE Study

February 2009

The Times (28/02): Gordon Brown promises science to be spared recession cuts

Science (27/02): Gordon Brown: UK Science Won't Be An Economic Victim

Nature (27/02): Brown pledges to protect science during downturn

The Times (27/02): Brown commits to science funding in Romanes lecture at Oxford

New Scientist: (27/02): British premier promises science bonanza

The Guardian (27/02): Brown pledges support for redundent graduates to retrain as science teachers

The Times Education Supplement (20/02): More choice and practical work will turn pupils on to science

The Times (20/02): Science funding to target money-makers, says minister John Denham

Nature (19/02): Recession Watch: Learn to convince the politicians

The Times Higher Education Supplement (12/02): Academics warn against policy of 'picking winners' to fund

BBC News (5/02): Research debate call sparks fear

Research Fortnight (4/02): Whatever happened to departmental R&D?

Laboratory News: CaSE Study

January 2009

Nature (28/01): Science advisor should show his independence, says report

The Scientist (15/01): What's Yours Research Worth?

The Times Higher Education Supplement (15/01): RCUK starts to ask for 'impact summary' from grant seekers

Science Journal (2/01): UK University Research Ranked; Funding Impacts to Follow

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