Press Releases from 2006

06/12/06 Chancellor's report fails to deliver what was promised in the Budget


07/11/06 CaSE's Chairman urges Government to deliver on recent commitments


03/11/06 PM entitled to trumpet his achievements in science, and his acknowledgement of serious challenges must be acted on


19/09/06 Strong science report from Welsh Assembly needs strong action from Government
CaSE's reaction to the science review of the Welsh Assembly


17/08/06 Bigger numbers in maths but don't count on physics graduates
CaSE's response to new figures about the numbers of people studying for science and mathematics A-levels


10/08/06 Northern Ireland's schools need greater support for science
A report by CaSE highlights the need for action in Ulster's science education system


22/03/06 Focus on science is right, but the education crisis needs much more attention
CaSE responds to the Chancellor's Budget


27/02/06 Scientific community stresses the need for investment in people
CaSE publishes an report about the scientific needs of the nation's economy


08/02/06 Pharmaceutical study highlights need for policy improvement
CaSE publishes an important report on the UK's pharmceutical expertise


06/01/06 Twenty years of success, plenty of challenges left

CaSE's 20th Birthday celebrations